Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great Websites to make money from

Here I have some websites that I am currently a member of and am making money from and also after looking at numbers of websites to earn money from these ones are the most legit and will pay you. All these sites that I am listing pay through Paypal.

1. Now if your somebody who like to rate products or review them you will like this website. It is called IMReportcard. This is the fastest way to earn some extra money. You get paid pretty good from this website. You can rate, review, and grade every product and there are plenty to choose from. They pay you through credits in which 1 credit is worth one penny. This is how it works-

rating a persons review on the product is worth one credit ($.01)
reviewing a product is worth 50 credits ($.50)
grading a product is worth 10 credits ($.10)
*You can get a bonus if you are the first or second person to review a product which rages from 50 to a 100 more credits.
Now there are moderators that look at your reviews when you post them so you have to be very specific when you write your review. Which means put in the review like what you like about it, what you didn't like about it and what your results were from the product. If you would like to join go to this

If you like to write short stories then this is the website for you. It is called And yes anybody can join this website if you have a Paypal account. They don't care where you live. They pay you .25 UK Pounds, which is around $.40, per story you submit to them. You write about keywords that they give you. You must write 400 or more words per story. They have people that look at them when you submit your story to see if they accept it or not. Most of the time they will accept it if your English writing skills are good. The minimum payout is 10 UK Pounds which is around $15.00. So if you are a fast writer you can make some good money off this site.
If you want to join go to this
my referral code is WOR:0523

3. If you like a social website and like to express your opinions then you will like this website. You even get paid for doing so. It is called Mylot. You get paid to make discussions and also respond to discussions. There is everything on the website that you can talk about. There is over 180,000 members currently and growing everyday. No you will not get rich off this site but it can get you some extra money and its fun to here what people around the world have to say about certain topics. To sign up go to this

If you have any questions just email me at
If I find more websites I will update this blog to help you guys out.