Thursday, September 24, 2009

My First Payout From FireandIce PTC

Got my first payment today from FireandIce PTC and I was paid out instantly. This a very legit PTC and I urge you to join this one so you don't get scammed like the other PTC. Click on the banner below to JOIN!

Here is the Payment Proof

Good Luck everybody.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PTC Websites I Am Working On Right Now

Well I have been looking around for the most legit PTC Websites to do on my free time on the internet so here is my list of 4 PTC Websites and 1 paid to view Youtube videos website. I will rank them 1 to 5 on which ones I like the most.

1. This is a brand new PTC and I believe that this will be the most legit PTC out there once it gets going. It is called FireandIce PTC. The owner of it is a woman who wanted to make her own PTC so people don't have to worry about scammers. There are currently 28 members and it grows everyday. The click rate is $.01 per click and $.005 for every referral click and the payout is a $1.00 and that is a standard member. You can upgrade to a higher membership to earn for you and your referral's clicks at $.02 a piece. No it is not a get rick quick program but in the long run it will make you some extra cash. So join now by clicking on the banner below and be one of the first 100 members on this website!

2. My next PTC Website is SvBux. It is PTC that I thought was legit as I did some research on it and then joined under someone as a referral. The website pays $.01 per click and each referral click counts as $.005 and the payout is $3 which isn't too bad. Join Now by clicking on the banner below!
SvBux - Simplicity And Innovativeness!

3. My next PTC that I just recently joined is called InovaBux. It is still in the beta mode but if you view 60 ads before October 25th when it launches you will get the golden membership to earn more for you and your referral's click. The website pay $.01 per click and $.005 per referral click for standard but if you get the golden membership it will be $.012 per click and $.008 per referral click and the payout is $2. Click on the Link below to Join Now!

4. The next website I am going to talk about is where you get paid to watch youtube videos and other videos as well. It is called Paid2YouTube. They give you 15 videos a day to watch. You get paid $.01 for every video you watch and $.005 for every referral that watches. The only bad thing about this site is that the payout is $10 but if you get enough referrals you will at least make this a month. Please join under me now by clicking on the link below.

5. My last PTC that I am member of is Clicksia. They are one of the most legit paying PTC Websites out there right now. But it is hard to earn fast there as you only get paid $.001 per click and only earn 10% of what your referral make. They offer 14 ads a day to click on but there are other ways to make money like getting paid to sign up for offers. Great website if you get a lot of referrals. Join now by clicking on the banner below!

Please follow my blog to get updates when I post about how I am doing with these websites and also leave comments on what you think about the above websites or if you want to add some stuff. Thanks

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New PTC Website Launched Today

New PTC website launched today and I know the person who launched it, they are a person I know from a social website called Mylot. The name of the new PTC is FireandIce PTC. It is the first PTC I have ever joined only because I know the person who owns it. Click on the banner below to join!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Update on what sites I am doing right now for extra money

Well I have been doing a few different things right to make money right now and here are what they are:

1. My number one thing that I am doing right now is blogging to make extra money. I suggest that you start your own blog if you already haven't and advertise it as much as possible. Then when you get good publicity with it apply for Google Adsense and then put Google Ads on your blog to make money from it. I am not making much from it right now but in the future it will make me more money than anything else I am doing right now. I suggest starting from Blogger as they are the most popular.

2. The site that I make probably make the most per day is from Mylot. I am on that site all the time and you make money for just socializing and doing other stuff like that. It is probably the most legit paying website out there and I suggest checking it out if you like to socialize and like to make money at the same time. There is more explanation about this site on my other post below.

Calling all make extra money fans!
make extra money
Join me on myLot! Discuss make extra money and make a little money while you're at it.

3. Another site that I like and still use is IMReportcard. You get paid to review a bunch of different products but just be careful as they don't accept some International users so that is your warning but I think they test you if you are international when you sign up. More explanation about this site on my other post below.

4. Right now the thing I am trying are online survey websites that pay you money. Here are a couple of legit ones that I am trying out:
1. Globaltestmarket
2. Lightspeedpanel
3. Mysurvey
4. Focuslinesurveys

These are all websites I have done research on and seem to be the most legit out of all the survey websites. These websites might make you more than Paid To Click websites if you qualify for enough of them.

5. Recently I have signed up with Flixya. It is owned by Google and it is a website where you post videos, pictures, and blogs to earn money. You earn money by Google Adsense as when you post anything on Flixya Google Ads will appear next to it and if people click on the ads you make money. It is that simple!

Good luck to everybody and please follow my blog and leave comments if you need help with anything or what you think about what I am saying.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great Websites to make money from

Here I have some websites that I am currently a member of and am making money from and also after looking at numbers of websites to earn money from these ones are the most legit and will pay you. All these sites that I am listing pay through Paypal.

1. Now if your somebody who like to rate products or review them you will like this website. It is called IMReportcard. This is the fastest way to earn some extra money. You get paid pretty good from this website. You can rate, review, and grade every product and there are plenty to choose from. They pay you through credits in which 1 credit is worth one penny. This is how it works-

rating a persons review on the product is worth one credit ($.01)
reviewing a product is worth 50 credits ($.50)
grading a product is worth 10 credits ($.10)
*You can get a bonus if you are the first or second person to review a product which rages from 50 to a 100 more credits.
Now there are moderators that look at your reviews when you post them so you have to be very specific when you write your review. Which means put in the review like what you like about it, what you didn't like about it and what your results were from the product. If you would like to join go to this

If you like to write short stories then this is the website for you. It is called And yes anybody can join this website if you have a Paypal account. They don't care where you live. They pay you .25 UK Pounds, which is around $.40, per story you submit to them. You write about keywords that they give you. You must write 400 or more words per story. They have people that look at them when you submit your story to see if they accept it or not. Most of the time they will accept it if your English writing skills are good. The minimum payout is 10 UK Pounds which is around $15.00. So if you are a fast writer you can make some good money off this site.
If you want to join go to this
my referral code is WOR:0523

3. If you like a social website and like to express your opinions then you will like this website. You even get paid for doing so. It is called Mylot. You get paid to make discussions and also respond to discussions. There is everything on the website that you can talk about. There is over 180,000 members currently and growing everyday. No you will not get rich off this site but it can get you some extra money and its fun to here what people around the world have to say about certain topics. To sign up go to this

If you have any questions just email me at
If I find more websites I will update this blog to help you guys out.